High School Math - Algebra

High School Math - Algebra

Mar 26, 2024 11:09 PM


A-SSE Seeing Structure In Expressions

Learning objectives:

  • Interpret the structure of expressions
  • Students will interpret expressions that represent a quantity in terms of its context.

  • Write expressions in equivalent forms to solve problems
  • Students will use the structure of an expression to identify ways to rewrite it.

A-APR Arithmetic With Polynomials & Rational Expressions

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the relationship between zeros and factors of polynomials
  • Students will identify zeros of polynomials, including complex zeros of quadratic polynomials, and make connections between zeros of polynomials and solutions of polynomial equations.

  • Use polynomial identities to solve problems
  • Students will apply polynomial identities to solve problems.

A-CED Creating Equations

Learning objectives:

  • Create equations that describe numbers or relationships
  • Students will create equations and inequalities in one variable and use them to solve problems.

A-REI Reasoning with Equations & Inequalities

Learning objectives:

  • Understand solving equations as a process of reasoning and explain the reasoning
  • Students will solve simple rational and radical equations in one variable, and give examples showing how extraneous solutions may arise.

  • Solve systems of equations
  • Students will solve a simple system consisting of a linear equation and a quadratic equation in two variables algebraically and graphically.

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